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I started Function & Flow to help management professionals like you cultivate core productivity habits to outsmart overload and bypass burnout. More time in your day. More space in your life. More of Both!

Whether you’re a new manager or seasoned executive, the need to balance productivity and personal well-being is universal. Coaching helps you focus on the high-priority habits that help you reclaim your calendar and rediscover time for what matters most to you.

My Balanced Productivity approach to managing time, tasks, and teams was crafted from 25 years as an educator and project manager. It’s practical. It’s pragmatic. And, even a little fun. 

It works because, at the very center of it, is you. The priorities we focus on are your non-negotiables. The strategies we design are tailored to your goals. And, each small win is a credit to you!

When I’m not nerding out on this incredible work, my own sense of balance comes from my best friend/husband, my home in the woods, my dogs who think I invented peanut butter, and my enjoyable, albeit endless, pursuit of being a slightly less bad yogi, runner, and musician.  

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